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Anfloga, as known to Anglo-Saxons, but not Anglo-Saxonists, Jim lad

The anfloga makes what a genuine germanista would call its Angriff, or onslaught.
What anfloga does NOT mean is "one-flier".

urigfera: © Peter Cairns

Seafarer Birds

r ic ne gehyrde       butan hlimman s
iscaldne wg      hwilum ylfete song
dyde ic me to gomene       ganetes hleoor
ond huilpan sweg       fore hleahtor wera
mw singende      fore medodrince
stormas r stanclifu beotan      r him stearn oncw
isigfeera       ful oft t earn bigeal

All I ever heard along the ice-way
was sounding sea, the gannet's shanty
whooper and curlew calls and mewling gull
were all my gaming, mead and mirth
At tempest-tested granite crags
the ice-winged tern would taunt
spray-feathered ospreys overhead
would soar and scream

"The greater the labour, the fewer the people who understand and appreciate it". Paul Valry, 1871 - 1945.

spray-feathered: or dewy-feathered, if you insist; although that is definitely spray, not dew. © Peter Cairns

In 1918 Marjorie Daunt concluded that the huilpa "most likely could be identified as a 'whaup', although the evidence is scarce and problematic". In 1954 Margaret Goldsmith, in her exhaustive, nay exhausting, study of The Seafarer and the Birds, disagreed with Daunt's conclusion about the huilpa being a godwit, and contended "that it is the curlew". See here for Corey Owen's matchless account of Seafarer scholarship. Goldsmith also disagreed with Olof Anderson/Arngart 1937.


ice-winged: or icy-feathered, if you insist

In a legend circulating among medievalists, Magoun is said to have been the model for the character Mr. Magoo.
Lucy Stone, 1818 - 1893, was the first recorded American woman to retain her own last name after marriage.
What the hell is Magoun blathering about ?



In the Country of the Blind the One-Eyed Man is shunned and ignored.

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Translation of anfloga: J.B.Bessinger, A Short Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, 1960, p 3
attacking or oncoming

"A" is the same as the letter "A"
Ludwig Wittgenstein

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