Mr Walker's London Neighbourhood
Clifford Street & Old Burlington Street

Photograph and map from : Survey of London, Vol XXXII, 1963, edited by F.H.W.Sheppard

Thomas Walker owned 8 Clifford Street, coloured green on the above map, top left, and housed his picture collection there.

The photograph of the ground-floor back room, heading this page, was taken at 31 Old Burlington Street, coloured green at lower right of the map.

On noticing the chimney-piece in the photograph, the composition of the inset painting seemed familiar. It appears to be a fairly close variant of what is possibly the most admired of Monamy's paintings in the National Maritime Museum collection.

Below, right, is a cross-sectioned elevation of the room, with embellishment. The architectural drawing is also from the Survey of London. The interior decoration of the house was completed in 1730, when its then owner, Samuel Fox, moved in.

old burlington street

national maritime museum

sunrise         sunset

Nottingham: not Mr Walker's neighbourhood.

"Francis Swaine, in the manner of Van der Veld, school of Monamy"
See here.

Not an inappropriate setting for the Signal to Anchor
The picture is designed to be looked up at.

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