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The above works were reviewed in the Edinburgh Review, 1878.
The review is believed to have been by Richard John King, 1818-1879.

Father Henry Walpole: the Jesuit Martyr

Saint Henry Walpole, 1558-1595. Acted as chaplain to the Spanish forces in the Netherlands, a year after the Invincible Armada had been repulsed, in 1589. Sent on a mission to preach Roman Catholicism, with his brother, also a priest, to England in 1590. His brother Thomas, who accompanied him, "was not of the stuff that martyrs are made of" and upon being arrested, Thomas told all that he knew. Several other Roman priests were arrested, and recanted. In February 1591 Henry was sent to the Tower of London, where he was severely tortured. In the spring of 1595 he was sent to York for trial, where he was hanged, drawn and quartered on 7 April.

Three of Henry Walpole's other brothers, Richard, Christopher and Michael, had also become Jesuits. They escaped arrest. In all, six Walpoles appear to heve been Jesuit priests.


From the Monamy & Walker conversation piece c 1730-33
About as authentic a Monamy painting as could be found.

A work of art is a useless artefact which I could not make myself.
A pile of bricks, an unmade bed, or an Alfred Wallis seascape are therefore not works of art.
See works of art below. I could not make them myself.

Mona Lisas of the C17th and C18th

".... as late as 1882 the Head of a Girl with Pearl Ear Drops .... fetched 4/6 at an auction in the Hague". Says John Carey;
but check Wikipedia:
Arnoldus Andries des Tombe purchased the work at an auction in The Hague in 1881, for only two guilders and thirty cents.

Mona Lisas of the C21st

by the legendary avant-garde artist, Ruby St Leger

.... by industrious valour climb
To ruin the great work of time
And cast the kingdom old
Into another mould

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Does this piece not drip with sarcasm ?