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Macaulay's verdict on Horace Walpole is too irresistibly delectable
not to repeat.

Liverpool & Croker on Walpole


From the Monamy & Walker conversation piece c 1730-33
About as authentic a Monamy painting as could be found.

A work of art is an otherwise useless artefact which I could not make myself.
A pile of bricks, an unmade bed, or an Alfred Wallis seascape are therefore not works of art.
See works of art below. I could not make them myself.

Mona Lisas of the C17th and C18th

".... as late as 1882 the Head of a Girl with Pearl Ear Drops .... fetched 4/6 at an auction in the Hague". Says John Carey;
but check Wikipedia:
Arnoldus Andries des Tombe purchased the work at an auction in The Hague in 1881, for only two guilders and thirty cents.

Mona Lisas of the C21st

by the legendary avant-garde artist, Ruby St Leger

.... by industrious valour climb
To ruin the great work of time
And cast the kingdom old
Into another mould

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Does this piece not drip with sarcasm ?