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Walpole's account of the disinterest of George I, d 1727, in the visual arts

Walpole's Anecdotes of Painting in England
From the Alexander Murray 1871 reprint of the edition of 1786

Poisoning the Minds of Posterity

little reason: rudimentary: homely: shallow: imitation
flourished from 1727 to c 1745; d 1749. Reign of George II.

The earliest known oil painting by Woodcock is said to be dated 1715.
His prolific copies of van de Velde have most often been attributed to Monamy.

Samuel Scott frequently introduced riverside water into his many paintings of buildings.
He was a "painter of the town".

Walpole's opinion of Hogarth as a painter

Hogarth was neither the son of a "low" tradesman, nor apprenticed to a "mean" engraver.

Oh, the slender merit of Hogarth as a painter !

.... by industrious valour climb
To ruin the great work of time
And cast the kingdom old
Into another mould

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