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The excellence of van de Velde was not publicly or popularly appreciated until the mid-1720s. Although there were prints after Bakhuysen, and other Dutch painters, and local prints after Sailmaker, there appear to be very few prints after van de Velde until Kirkall's series, c 1725. I am so far aware of only one. Baston's prints, which preceded Kirkall's in 1720 or 1721 show virtually no awareness of van de Velde, and instead appear to follow Sailmaker, or remoter artists like Claude, whose prints were available. Prints after van de Velde, subsequent to Kirkall's mezzotints, are therefore surprisingly late. This page will reproduce some of them, a number by Boydell, P.C.Canot, and Philips.

It is difficult to put anything more than a vague date on the gradual dispersal of drawings by the van de Veldes, but it may be reasonable to suppose they gradually filtered into the market after the Younger's death in 1707. Not many paintings, by any artists, can have been easily accessible to the ordinary man, or to a young painter outside the studio apprenticeship system. Some opportunities were provided by the embryo painting academies, and the drawing school set up by Surt and Lens in 1697 for engravers. Since, in my view, Monamy was certainly not employed by the van de Veldes in their workshop, in his early years he would therefore have looked to other exemplars of marine painting, while probably acquiring van de Velde drawings piecemeal.

The two prints below, nos 3 and 8, come from a series of 12 after Monamy and van de Velde, published after Monamy's death in 1749. See here.

Vanderveld Pinxt. No 3

Vanderveld Pinxt. No 8

Above is a tiny (3 x 3) steel engraving from an unknown source, presumably a book, and perhaps dating early to mid 19th century. The inscription notes that the picture is by W.Vandenvelde Junr, dimensions 12¾ (vertical) x 14.

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