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The Inside of the Elegant Music Room in Vauxhall Gardens
Apparently a copy of a print by H.Roberts after S.Wale

The set of paintings at the east end of the Grove are "better than those heretofore seen":

1.   Difficult to please
2.   Sliding on the ice
3.   Bagpipes and hautboys
4.   A bonfire at Charing Cross,
      the Salisbury stage overturned, &c
5.   Blindman's buff
6.   Leap frog
7.   The Wapping landlady,
      and the tars just come ashore

8.   Skittles.


On another side of the Grove's quadrangle are:

1.   The taking of Porto Bello
2.   Mademoiselle Catharine, the dwarf
3.   Ladies angling
4.   Bird-nesting
5.   The play at bobcherry

6.   Falstaff's cowardice detected
7.   The bad family
8.   The good family
9.   The taking of a Spanish register-ship, in 1742
[ie 1739]

Other paintings listed in two more sections of the Ambulator of 1800 are:

1.   Bird-catching
2.   See-saw
3.   Fairies dancing by moonlight
4.   The milk maid's garland
5.   The kiss stolen

1.   A prince and princess in a traineau
2.   Hot cockles
3.   A gypsy telling fortunes by the coffee-cups
4.   A Christmas gambol
5.   Cricket

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