Sir George Young, Knt.
1733 - 1821
Admiral of the White

Excerpt from Young of Formosa by
Sir George Young, 3rd Bt.

Sir Samuel Young: born 1766 - died 1826
Paton's engraving

be right and persist

In 1937 Sir George Young, 3rd Bart, published a book titled Poor Fred, the People's Prince.
This entertaining, gossipy account provides exceptional insight into the London years of 1729-1751.
An understanding of the politics of these years is crucial to an appreciation of Peter Monamy, the People's Painter.

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Christie's sale: June 23, 1978

Any further information on the matter of the alleged descent of Mrs William Baker from Francis Swaine, asserted above, has so far not been forthcoming.

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born 1719 or 1725 ?
married 1749
died 1782

The Battle of Quiberon Bay 1759; by Francis Swaine, 27 x 56
De Conflans' flagship Soleil Royale is aground, on fire, the second ship from the left.
In the centre right foreground is Sir Edward Hawke's flagship Royal George.
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Francis SWAINE - M Chr: 7 Oct 1725 Stepney, Saint Dunstan, London
Anna Maria SWAIN - F Chr: 27 Jan 1750/51 Stepney, Saint Dunstan, London
Monamy SWAIN - M Chr: 27 Feb 1753 Stepney, Saint Dunstan, London

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Swaine's Masterpiece
from Augustus Hervey's Journal, edited by David Erskine, 1953


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