morning/noon//afternoon/evening: hand-coloured prints 1745/46
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sun under a cloud


21¼ x 26½   sun under a cloud
Christie's, 26 April 1985, lot 64.

walpole waylays the reverend eller

13½, x 19, signed; sun under a cloud.
Fraser Sale, Christie's, 20 Dec 1922, Lot 67

print 1745/46: sun under a cloud

not identical, but close

Sunset: a British Man of War & other shipping in calm waters, signed, 11½ x 17½
Mellon sale; Sotheby's; 18/11/1981; lot 84


the glowing sky of a setting sun

1702: Publication of Theory of the Moon's Motion by Isaac Newton, "which will be of prodigious use in navigation", in the opinion of Edmond Halley. 1704: Publication of Opticks, by Isaac Newton. 1709: Bishop Berkeley published A New Theory of Vision. 1715: Publication of Linear Perspective by Dr Brooke Taylor. Publication of Elements of Astronomy, translated by Jean-Theophilus Desaguliers. After an early childhood in Guernsey, Desaguliers moved with his father to London, where he became an esteemed protégé of Isaac Newton. By 1715 he was established in Westminster, where he gave public lectures on mechanics, hydrostatics and optics. He was the virtual founder of C18th English Freemasonry.

By about 1720 Peter Monamy had moved to Westminster from London Bridge.

excursions towards the coasts and seaports of England to improve himself from nature

and those observations for his further improvement

"O! That a Painter could be found, who in lively Colours could describe ..... the inside of Man's Soul ..... But it it is not in the Power of Art. It is not to be done. No Colours are lively enough, any more than they are to paint real Light, or the full Brightness of the Sun."

Daniel Defoe, circa 1722; quoted in Daniel Defoe: Master of Fictions, by Maximillian Novak, 2001, p. 609.


sunlight two sunset
morning or sun rising
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