"He is reputed to have excelled in calms" ----- Samuel Redgrave, 1878
"His ocean is invariably the weakest part of his work" ----- Colonel M.H.Grant, 1926
His chief fault is a total lack of accent; all is harmonious, even tender ----- Colonel M.H.Grant, 1926
"tameness and lack of vigour" ----- E.Keble Chatterton, 1928
"He developed a meticulous style ..... and his work has little variety" ----- Anonymous Copyist, 1970
"He found his subjects almost entirely in shipping on the Thames" ----- Oxford Companion to Art, 1989.

detail from painting below

Christie 16th July 1965, lot 8; 36½ x 50; unsigned

Sotheby 29 Nov 1978, lot 162; 13½ x 14; unsigned. "Two men-o-war in rough seas."

Christie 11 June 1971, lot 34; Cornelius van de Velde ?

"Ships in a Gale"; 12 x 14

Sheppard Sale, Robinson & Fisher, London, 20 Mar 1924, lot 22; signed

"A Haven". 27 x 43. Signed P.Monamy pinx, lower left. From the collection of G.S.Home Drummond, Blair Drummond.

"The shallow waves which rolled under his window taught young Monamy what his master could not teach him, and fitted him to imitate the turbulence of the ocean". Horace Walpole, 1780/81. The cunning devil.

On this page we undoubtedly find Monamy at his very tamest and weakest. Lack of vigour is displayed on every inch of every canvas. Exactly "what we should expect from a former house-painter who had never experienced the suspense, the terrors, the immensities of deep-sea roving." E.K.Chatterton, 1928. R.I.P.

These storm canvases are not without their problems, however. Not every Monamy is a Monamy.

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Purely on style --- especially the treatment of the waves --- this picture, left, seems more probably a Swaine. The ship looks later than Monamy, also.

Advertised in Apollo, August 1937; 35 x 52; "signed".

Sale: Robinson & Fisher, London, 25 Mar, 1926. Signed, on spar left

Christie 23 June 1978, lot 72; 21 x 49

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