images reversed if necessary
to show uniform port quarter views

Kirkalls' mezzotint of the Royal Sovereign: E Collectione Nathanielis Blackerby Armigeri
colour inset: van de velde's royal sovereign reversed: considerable variation

picture destroyed

greenwich britannia

The Britannia: a picture destroyed in WWII
preliminary drawings by van de Velde Jnr for this painting are still extant

The Britannia: at Greenwich

Auctioned as Backhuysen at a sale in Amsterdam, lot 7, May 1st, 1974

kirkall's "britannia" mezzotint: no owner's name, no identification

detail from kirkall's "britannia" mezzotint: what ship is this meant to be?
the stern of kirkall's ship seems to be a frolic of his own devising
colour inset: stern of van de velde's royal sovereign

unsigned: monamy's "britannia" composition: but what ship does the stern represent?

monamy's paintings: signal to anchor almost identical, except for lanterns: an idealised ship?

baston's prints of byng's flagships: by 1718 byng's ship was the barfleur

Monamy has given the ship more windows than Baston. See here for Alicante.

stern sequence: a summary

kirkall: capital ships
kirkall's shipping prints: conclusions
the Britannia and/or Royal Sovereign
The Royal William or is it the Royal Anne?
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