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A Strong Gale or Squall

date ? most probably pre-1753

Monamy Pinxt. No 4

Christie's 25/11/77: one of a pair, 25 x 30, both signed Brooking, re-attributed to Monamy


To the left, the central section of the small print after Monamy has been reversed, for easier comparison.

Below it is a small, 6¼ x 8, variant of the oil sold at Christie's. It was exhibited by L.Koetser, autumn 1969.

These three pictures are not identical, but very obviously closely related. Perhaps it will be possible to decide the sequence in which they were produced. It seems fairly certain, however, that neither of the oils was based on the print. The appearance of Brooking's signature on the large oil requires some explanation. Could he have done some part-time work in Monamy's studio, say 1741?

This plate from Bowles' set of twelve prints, Monamy Pinxt. No 4, or from Sayer's later, smaller set of mixed marine prints, resurfaced in print form what must have been many years later under the heading of SKELT'S VIEWS. Monamy's name has been removed, and the legend Published by M.SKELT, 11, Swan St Minories, London. substituted for the original publisher's. A half-hearted attempt has also been made to scrub out the original No 4, top right. Skelt issued a set of at least 24 marine views, 6 x 10, some of which contain distinct echoes of Monamy, but this seems to be the only case where the entire plate has been re-used. Others of the set appear to derive from later painters, such as Buttersworth. No artists are named. Date of publication is not known.

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