The photograph instils reasonable conviction that Monamy has got his topography right.


are not plentiful, and were it not for the inscription Cartagena Town on the little sketch above I might have imagined that it was meant for Alicante, and a specimen of badly confused identification by a doodler familiar with neither resort. This impression is reinforced by the sketch below, which bears no resemblance at all to Monamy's painting of Alicante, or to the present-day photograph of the town. The upper sketch is inscribed with the date: Anno 1706, see below. This does not necessarily mean it was drawn in 1706.

From The Life of Sir John Leake, by Stephen Martin-Leake.

The Life of Sir John Leake, written by his nephew Stephen Martin-Leake, 1702-1773, the Garter King-at-Arms, was privately printed in an edition limited to 50 copies in 1750. It was edited from an original manuscript by Geoffrey Callender, and published in two volumes in 1920.

The city of Cartagena was reduced by Sir John Leake after raising the siege of Barcelona on the 22nd May, 1706. He then proceeded to Alicante, arriving there on 26th June, and by July 18th an attack was agreed.

Judging from the aerial photo below, the land round the bay at Cartagena looks as flat as a pancake. The elevated castle must be a figment of the Garter King's fantasy.

I have been assured that the sketch map of Cartagena is accurate.

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