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M.Skelt, of 11, Swan St, Minories, London, published a set of at least 24 marine views, 6 x 10, some of which contain echoes of Monamy. Four of those, one plate directly recycled from the earlier set of twelve issued by John & Carington Bowles, are shown below. Others of Skelt's set appear to derive from later marine painters, such as Buttersworth or Condy, eg, no.2 below, showing Smeaton's lighthouse, replacing Rudyerd's, which burnt in 1755. No artists are named. Date of publication awaits discovery. Price: one penny.

no 2: A Commodore's Ship close haul'd in a Fresh Gale, passing the Eddystone Light House

Smeaton's tower, completed 16th October, 1759. See here for the Eddystone lighthouse.

no 4: see here for this plate

no 6: A view of the TEXEL, a Dutch Sea Port on the Coast of HOLLAND, with a Ship on Fire by Night

the dying embers of monamy's burning ship, returned to Holland

no 23: Sun set with a Fleet returning Home     |     Le Coucher de Soliel avec le retour d'une flotte

the setting sun behind a sail

francis swaine; see cockett p.89

no 24: A Strong Gale with a Squall of Rain     |     Un Vent fort avec une bourasque de Pluie

the vessel at left recurs in oil paintings going back to van de velde

60 x 50; signed on back of canvas W.V.Velde J.: see Cornelius here

Right: signed P.Monamy Pinx; Leonard Koetser Exhibition, Autumn 1969, 48 x 42
see here

small print set after monamy & van de velde
small print set after swaine
strong gale or squall
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