This painting may not be of Gothenburg. However, it allegedly depicts somewhere in Scandinavia, and the port could probably be identified. It was sold as "Circle of Peter Monamy", but bears many of the hallmarks of a painting by Isaac Sailmaker. Auctioneers have been known to talk through their hats. It is, in fact, not a Baltic port at all, but a view of King's Lynn. See here.

However, it now appears that Sailmaker's name is attached not only to an engraving of Piper's Palace in Stockholm, but also of a view of Gothenburg. The 1705 date is on both prints "after Sailmaker", although on originals of these engravings the date is 1702. See original, dated 1702, and the identical image dated 1705, below. What exactly is going on, is the question that leaps to mind.


Gothenburg: print dated 1702: from Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna

Gothenburg: print dated 1705, and inscribed as below

For drawing my attention to the above reproduction, and for supplying a great deal of additional information, I am much obliged to Kevin Crawford: see his website here. But .... May 2015. Whatever happened to him ?

a swedish ship off greenwich by peter monamy, 1739 or 1740

Then, hail Gustavus, who his country freed!
Ye sons of Britain, praise, the glorious Swede!
Who, bravely rais'd, and generously releas'd,
From blood-stain'd tyrant, and perfidious priest,
The state and church expiring, at a breath!
Who held a life of slav'ry worse than death!

From the Epilogue of Henry Brooke's Gustavus Vasa, 1739.

isaac sailmaker
map of stockholm by william hogarth: 1723
sailmaker & stockholm

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