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Marine prints published by Sayer

One of the bright spots in the ODNB of 2004 is the original research by Timothy Clayton, Susanna Fisher, and others in the field of English C18th print publishing. According to Fisher, Robert Sayer entered the trade when his brother James married Mary Overton in 1747. Robert acquired the business of her late husband, Philip Overton, in about 1748. The catalogue at right, dated 1753, would therefore have consisted of much of the stock of the Overton family. This included a large collection of plates built up mainly by the purchase of successful items from earlier publishers. A year later, in 1754, Robert Sayer married his first wife, Dorothy Carlos.


6½ x 10½     Brooking Pinxt. Wilson Sculp.     No 4

6½ x 10½     Monamy Pinxt.     No 5

6¾ x 10½     Van Bosman Pinxt. Wilson Sculp.     No 6

The print after van Bosman was copied for Sayer, by Wilson, from the 1753 Boydell issue.

6½ x 10½     Monamy Pinxt.     No 7

6½ x 10½     Monamy Pinxt.     No 9
see odyssey of an image

6½ x 10½     Monamy Pinxt.     No ?

F.Swaine Delin. Parr Sc.

F.Swaine Delin. Parr Sc.

F.Swaine Delin. Parr Sc.

F.Swaine Delin. Parr Sc.

F.Swaine Delin. Parr Sc.

F.Swaine Delin. Parr Sc.
London Printed for Robt Sayer at the Golden Buck opposite Fetter Lane Fleet Street ---
& Heny Overton without Newgate.

6½ x 10¼. Monamy Pinxt Wilson Sculp..
London Printed for Robt Sayer Map & Printseller opposite Fetter Lane Fleet Street.

From Perspective Views, C.J.Kaldenbach, Print Quarterly, Vol II, No 2, June 1985.

Note: Sayer & Bennett's extremely comprehensive catalogue for the year 1775.

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