Since Sailmaker never signed his paintings, his work in oil tended to be confused over time with other painters, perhaps especially Jacob Knyff. Apart from Vertue's notice, however, the significant number of prints which credit his name probably provide a sufficiently authentic starting-point for an overall assessment. There will be many paintings ascribed to him on very flimsy evidence, however.

Attributed to Sailmaker [NMM]. Rudyard's lighthouse, completed 1709, replacing Winstanley's,
which blew away in the hurricane of 1703

A label at the National Maritime Museum comments that the above painting has an unbroken 300 year provenance; and that it is one of four versions commissioned in 1708 by John Lovett. The three others are, or were, owned by the Lord High Admiral, Prince George of Denmark; Trinity House (destroyed); and a different fourth version now in Claydon House, owned by the National Trust.

Painting by John Inns, 1708, from Eddystone: The Finger of Light, by Mike Palmer, p 38

recently attributed to sailmaker

recently attributed to sailmaker by an auction house

paired with the painting above it

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