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Described at auction, Phillips, 19 July 1995, lot 44, as "Circle of Peter Monamy".   More reminiscent of Isaac Sailmaker.
The port looks identifiable, but it is not in the Baltic. But did Sailmaker visit the Baltic? See here.

This painting, with its companion, appeared again a year later: Phillips, 27 May 1996.

Worth comparing with the picture below:

The above painting features as Figure 55, Plate 26 in The Old English Landscape Painters, Vol 1, 1957, by Colonel M.H.Grant. It turns out to be far from the Baltic. It's actually King's Lynn. But is it by Flesshier?

Attributed to Flesshier in The Old English Landscape Painters, Vol 1, 1957.

The Morning Gun: companion part of lot 683, Phillips, 27 May 1996

Left is a model of the 90 gun St Michael, 1669, probably as she appeared in 1672, described as the earliest identified English ship model (Chapter contributed by Dr A.P.McGowan, in The National Maritime Museum, ed Basil Greenhill, p.40).

The dates indicate that this is certainly a model which Sailmaker could have had access to. The obvious fact that the van de Velde sea painters used models, as mentioned by Buckeridge, was not something that Michael Robinson dwelt on, although he does admit it.

attributed to sailmaker

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