40½ x 50 signed P.Monamy Pinxt. Buckingham Palace.
In 1818 this painting was in Kensington Palace.

Calm Waters

A "Royal Occasion", signed. 29½ x 44¾. Bought from Stair & Andrews 1933
Exhibited at the RA, 1934. Reproduced in The Illustrated London News, 6 Jan 1934.

The same as the above painting. Auctioned 15th July 1998

The same: reproduced in Dictionary of British 18th Century Painters, Waterhouse, 1981

Grocers' Livery Hall. Signed.

A "Royal Occasion", signed and dated 1724. 39 x 60. Christie's, 24 May 1968, lot 42.
This is not the painting reproduced in Cockett, p.52

Société Jersiaise
This is the painting reproduced in Cockett, p.52. Slightly unconvincing.

This painting seems rather too rococo for Monamy. I have yet to come across another canvas in which the clouds and smoke billow with this extravagant abandon, or in which the flags and sails are quite so curvaceous; nor does the palette seem right. Difficult to suggest another artist for attribution, however. 38 x 47.

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The close relationship between A, B, and C is examined here.

Do these pictures represent the same "occasion"?
Do they portray the same yacht?   Are they by the same hand?

royal occasions:     starboard quarters     port quarters
royal sovereign composition types:     one     two     relatively tall/narrow
royal sovereign composition types:     a. starboard     b. port     broad
royal occasions:     calm waters     fresh winds
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