The Royal Escape, 23¾ x 29¼, c 1675, signed W.V.Velde, NMM
There is a version, attributed to Swaine, in the NMM.
Robinson, in Vol II, p.985, expresses doubts about Swaine's authorship of the copy:
No other such close copy of van de Velde by Swaine is known and it is possible
that this is an early work by Dominic Serres

Sale catalogue, Bonham's, 16th January 2002; G*** Coleman (British 18th C).
An Armed Cutter bearing an English Ensign, with an English Fleet beyond
signed and dated 1765, oil on canvas 24½ x 30½ (62 x 77.5 cm).

G. Coleman appears to be an otherwise unknown painter.

An unsigned version.

Same as the one above it. Or is it ?
See Joel, p.162; 24¾ x 29¼; unsigned

General rules are not formulated on particular instances, nor does one swallow imply intoxication.

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