he exhibited his works in the window of his shop, to the delight of the sons of Neptune, men and boys, who were seen in crowds gazing at his wondrous art   W.H.Pyne, 1823




historical battles
Drivel: 1997

Monamy, Peter. "English marine painter, one of the first English imitators of the van de Veldes.

His work, which is meticulous and has little variety, is well represented in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich."

Oxford Dictionary of Art
OUP 1997

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hope & glory


sailor's farewell

ship portraits

world trade

Drivel: 1798

P.Monamy, "...was born in Jersey, and certainly from his circumstances, or the views of his family, had little reason to expect the fame he afterwards acquired .... But when nature gives real talents, they break forth in the homeliest school. The shallow waves that rolled under his window ..... fitted him to imitate the turbulence of the ocean."

Lord Orford's Works, 1798


port panoramas

royal occasions

naval enterprise

The sensitive and agitated seascapes of Peter Monamy:   Marcel Brion, 1964

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