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His ocean is invariably the weakest part of his work, since, like his models the Van de Veldes ..... he seemed never to be able to escape from the sickly hues and uninspiring forms of shallow water ..... His chief fault is a total lack of accent; all is harmonious, even tender, almost to weakness ..... Colonel M.H.Grant, 1957

fire - by monamy & hogarth

book illustration

moonlight - by hogarth & monamy



line prints



Comment: 1928

"Peter Monamy is the finest instance of the van de Velde tradition being accepted and perpetuated by an unenquiring mind ... tameness and lack of vigour ... what we should expect from a former house-painter who had never experienced the suspense, the terrors, the immensities of deep-sea roving ... Sea life with him is not shot and shell, fighting and tussle, but pleasant contemplation all on a summer's day, where the advent of gales or heavy seas would be sacrilege."

Old Sea Paintings; E.K.Chatterton

"His knowledge of the sea was much less than his knowledge of ships and there is a faint air of calico about much of his water."

Painting in Britain 1530 to 1790
Sir Ellis Waterhouse


fresh breezes

london transport

racing yachts

social comment


outward bound


Reckon'd the finest painter of shipping in England: Julian Marshall, 1895

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