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These closely related sketches were obviously relied on by Monamy for the three versions of his type b Porto Bello paintings shown on this page. There are almost bound to be yet more related versions of both types a and type b. There is a slight mystery attaching to the two smaller ships accompanying the fabled six men o'war.

These are depicted sailing merrily in the sketches, and in one of the a types; but in all the type b versions what looks like one of them seems to be sunk or sinking, rather oddly and inexplicably.

31½ x 45½; inscribed on back "Painted by P.Monamy". Luard Sale; Sotheby, 11th Dec, 1929

32 x 47. "From a drawing by Capt.P.Durell. It bears his name and the date 1739"
Sale catalogue, c 1935 ?

The variations in the above three paintings are most easily seen in the cloud formations, but there are many other small differences of detail.

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