Above: Christie's, as Scott studio, 15 May, 1997. Below: Bonhams, as Monamy studio, 15 April, 2015

A Closer Look at Monamy's Porto Bello Paintings: Type B

31½ x 45½; inscribed on back "Painted by P.Monamy". Luard Sale; Sotheby, 11/12/1929
This painting seems to have been confused with the others in Kingzett's Catalogue.
See his final paragraph, where he says this picture was sold in the Dashwood Sale.

32 x 47. "From a drawing by Capt.P.Durell. It bears his name and the date 1739"
John Mitchell sale catalogue, c 1935 ?

31½ x 46¼; Signed. Formerly in Royal Exchange Art Gallery, 2000.
Now believed to be owned by Watermen's Hall.
Reproduced in The Guardian newspaper, 15 October, 2005.

23½ x 32½. Christie's mirror painting, 1997. 25 x 34. Bonhams 2015. Not impossibly a copy by Scott.

Shugborough Hall, National Trust. This appears to be the painting which was in the Luard sale, 1929.
But the measurements are given as 31½ x 40. Shome mishtake, shomewhere, shurely ?

These perspective views were not published until July 8, 1740: and the Daily Post reported a painting of Porto Bello on display by 20th May


Emanuel Bowen: A New Chart of the Vast Atlantic Ocean Exhibiting the Seat of War, both in Europe and America likewise the Trade Winds. London Magazine, London:, 1740. Presumably followed by A Sequel of the Seat of War in the West Indies containing (1): a Map of the Isthmus of Panama exhibiting the Roads with the Course of the River Châgre thro the same (2) Curious Perspective Views of the Harbour, Town and Castles of Puerto Bello, as sent over by Commodore Brown (3) the Appearance at Sea of San Juan de Puerto Rico with it's Castles / from Admiral Vernon's own draught, the whole illustrated with remarks.

Here it is ! Voilá!

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Published pursuant to Act of Parliament July 8th 1740 by E.Bowen & Sold by Geo Foster at ye White Horse in St Pauls Church Yard London
Geo. Foster also had a hand in the publication of Fred Shantoon's print, May 3, 1740, of the taking of Porto Bello.
For Emanuel Bowen, 1694-1767, see Wikipedia.

For more on map sources, see here.

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