Thomas Baston's Englische Schiffe
German re-engravings: Date unknown
Hanoverian ?       Printed in Nuremburg ?

Englische Schiffe A
Englische Schiffe B

Below is one of the original prints on which the above composites are based.

Tho Baston Pinxt.                                                                                                                                   Tho Baston fecit
The ROYAL ANN, a first Rate Ship, Carrying 100 Guns and 780 Men.
Le ROYAL ANN, Vaisseau du premier Rang, portant 100 Pieces de Canon, et 780 Hommes
Printed for Carrington Bowles, next the Chapter House in St Paul's Church Yard, London.

the re-engraved version, with added staffage

kirkall prints

Englische Schiffe A       Englische Schiffe B
baston's englische schiffe: sheet III
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