Hats Off !
Harry Parker

Noting the month when Harry's fancy was published, my guess is he let it run riot on the first. Were the public and the dealers fooled? Harry says they need no longer be, with his expert advice; but he was himself well gulled, by his shut-eye predecessors. These included: Horace Walpole, of course; Samuel Redgrave, perforce; and the mighty DNB, still reeking of scholarship on every page. E.K.Chatterton and M.W.Knott, in turn, absorbed his historical expertise.

Is it worth straitening (sic) him out? Hardly. Except to note that George Byng, Lord Torrington, died in 1733, and admired Monamy's painting of Porto Bello, 1740, from celestial height. He then patted the overnight painting sensation on the head, in his Westminster garret.

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