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A pre-Monamy print view of Lisbon. From The Slave Trade, by Hugh Thomas.

Publish'd according to Act of Parliament April ye10. 1751
A General View of the CITY of LISBONE the Capital of the Kingdom of Portugal
Vue Generale du LISBONE, VILLE Capitale du Royaume de Portugale

The earthquake struck on 1st November 1755. Lisbon held between 250,000-275,000 people, of whom an estimated 60,000 died in the collapse of buildings, the tidal wave and the fires that started in the shattered city. Perhaps someone can identify the buildings along the waterfront that ceased to exist four years after the above print was published, and perhaps about 20 after Monamy's painting.

51½ x 70. Alleged to be signed and dated 1735. I wonder where.

Scholars, recondite graduates from art history institutes, grave professional placemen and other serious students of early English marine painting, are earnestly advised and recommended to pay very special note (particularly when contemplating these panoramic prospects) to just how closely, slavishly and fluently Monamy follows and copies the van de Veldes, Senior and Junior, from whom all English marine art entirely derives.


View of Greenwich: auctioned at Sotheby's, 10th April 1991. 33½ x 59


The Dutch influence positively oozes from the River Thames and the Greenwich greenery in this tranquil vista.



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