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swaine, brooking (?), van bosman, weirotter

Monamy Pinxt Swaine Delint; engraved by Parr c 1750; hand-coloured print

Engraved from an Original Picture of Van Bosman in the Collection of Mr Poyner at Islington
Invt Boydell Sculpt

The above print, Moonlight, was published by Boydell in 1753, the year before he set up as an entrepreneur in the print business. It looks almost as if it was paired with a print entitled Sun Setting, shown below, also dated 1753. The style, and the inscription, from a Picture of Vanderveldts, Moderniz'd, immediately suggest Brooking's authorship. The anonymity reinforces the anecdote of the exploitation of Brooking by "a dealer", and also confirms what is apparent from other evidence, that Brooking sought to emulate van de Velde far more closely than Monamy. Brooking's pictures are in many ways admired for the same qualities of precision as van de Velde, although the early softness and emphasis on light and colour really derive from Monamy. The exceptional dedication required of Brooking to achieve his level of finish, his poverty and lack of a wealthy patron until late in his short career, must have contributed to bringing about his death in 1759 at the age of 36.

Engrav'd from a Picture of Vanderveldts, Moderniz'd                         Boydell Sculp.
Publish'd according to Act of Parliament & sold by J.Boydell at the Unicorn the Corner of Queen Street Cheapside London - 1753

line print, 1757, thomas major after monamy

swaine/parr print c 1760s or '70s

Setting Sun (?)       Franz Edmund Weirotter (Innsbruck 1730 - Vienna 1771)
Or is it Moonlight ?

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