monamy/canot print 1745/6


Prints after Monamy's moonlight paintings occur as mezzotint, and in line. The relationship between the oils and the prints is illustrated below. There is probably only one mezzotint, by Kirkall, but moonlight line engravings proliferate after Monamy's death, when the theme was closely followed by Swaine and taken up by Brooking. There was also at least one posthumous engraving directly after an original Monamy, by Thomas Major in 1757. Other later prints copy the earlier ones, or use the same plate with altered dates of publication.

monamy/kirkall mezzotint detail

monamy kirkall mezzotint

monamy oil 18 x 30

Kirkall's mezzotint is very obviously closely related to the above oil painting, though not identical. The palette employed in the oil seems to anticipate its conversion into mezzotint, but the query arises of why the print is not in reverse. The oil could have been copied, with variation, from the mezzotint. It could even be quite modern. For further comment, see here.

hand-coloured monamy/canot print 1745/6 reversed

monamy oil 27 x 37½

The Canot print, published by Bowles in 1745/46, is reversed for easier comparison with the oil, above. Cleaning has restored the detail: see below.

detail restored

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