Victory leaving the Channel, 1793. Unsigned 35 x 49
Can this painting possibly be by Monamy Swaine ?
NMM. Quote: "Monamy was the son of the better-known Francis Swaine
and grandson of the even more famous Peter Monamy, after whom he was named.
He was active from about 1769 to 1774 and, if this painting is by him, into the 1790s.
As an artist he specialized in still-life and genre."     Huh ?



attributed, attributable

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Here is a selection of comments on Monamy Swaine, provided by the NMM, 15 Jan 2018: " It is likely that Monamy Swaine was taught by his father, whose influence is clearly detectable in his work. Despite this background, Monamy Swaine did not limit himself to seascapes, also producing still-life and genre scenes. In 1771 and 1772 he exhibited two marine paintings at the Free Society of Artists. The National Maritime Museum, London, has four paintings by him. One is dated 1793 and a fifth, generally attributed to him, shows 'Victory leaving the Channel' flying Lord Hood's flag in that year. Both instances suggest a rather longer working life than is often supposed."

Same painting; BHC 1074: alternative palettes. Unsigned. 60 x 30 ?
According to the NMM this painting is "decorative rather than of high quality". A curious dichotomy.

NMM: A Flagship Saluting; The Wreck of the Gloucester 1682; A Whaling Scene
Unsigned; Oil on Panel, all approximately 45 x 31.

The basis for these NMM paintings being attributed to Swaine is not clear, but all are of similar type and period and it is reasonable to conclude that they were probably done for 'interior decoration' set in panelling. The imperial dimensions of an NMM trio, BHC 1073, BHC 1074 and BHC 2234 are 5ft x 30-33 ins (approx).
BHC 2234 is dated 1793. Shome meashurement mishtake shomewhere ?

The Thames at Battersea. Government Art Collection.

British naval harbour scene + another, similar; a pair, ca. 1770; oil on panel; Size: 7 x 11
Monamy Swaine was born in 1754. Did he paint these when he was 16 ? Did he paint these ?
Must be by Francis.

Where are the still lifes ? Genre ? What genre ?

Could this be by Monamy Swaine ?

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