23 x 28. Signed P.Monamy P... From Cockett, p.31. For comment, see here.


The longer the above picture is studied, the more obviously it cannot be by Monamy, in spite of the signature; and the more it resembles the work of Brooking. Mr Cockett has performed an inadvertent service by including a large number of very varied and variable paintings bearing Monamy's signature in his publication, and this is perhaps the most obvious of those which cannot be by the aging Painter-Stainer. In this case, the date, if the subject is assumed correct, as well as the style, must exclude it from Monamy's personal oeuvre. He may nonetheless have signed it, however.

Below is a trickier problem of influence, emulation, authorship and difference, involving Monamy, Brooking, Swaine, and the Master, van de Velde.

The Dismasted, or Semi-Dismasted, Ship

Van de Velde the Younger, 29½ x 37¼, signed, dated Londe. 1673
National Gallery, London. See Robinson Vol II, pp.1023 & 1150

Charles Brooking, 10½ x 14½, signed, Joel p.61


Left: from the top: 1. mezzotint by Kirkall, after Monamy, c. 1736/37; 2. Brooking, signed, as above; 3. Swaine, oil on copper, 5¾ x 7¾, signed, Christie's, 19/11/1982, lot 51; 4. Unsigned, attributed to Brooking, 17½ x 28, Christie's 21/12/1967, lot 153, see Joel pp 142-143. Sizes, sail and background details vary greatly, but the compositions are very similar.

Robinson records 4 drawings linked to the van de Velde oil, three of which he dates to about 1700. Perhaps these found their way to the Monamy studio.

Below: the van de Velde again, as above.

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The re-attribution was presumably justified by the small print inscribed Monamy.
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