In The Guernsey House, by John McCormack, 1980, pp 245-251, there is a note to the effect that in the Guille-Allès Library of St Peter Port, Guernsey, there can be seen one of the beams which formerly ran across the frontage between the side walls of what used to be the Savings Bank, bearing the inscription La Paix de Dieu soit ceans, fait le 18 Octobre 1578 de par André Monamy. "God's presence dwells in a peaceful and loving home", says the Talmud.

On the first Sunday in April, 1569, Andrieu Mon Amy, also written Andro, Andre, André,Monamy, was one of a group of eight Channel Islanders who professed their faith and were admitted to Holy Communion in the "Wallonne" church at Southampton. This church was established par patente du Roy Edouard Sixe et de la Reine Elizabeth.