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"Capt. Gardiner was reported to have told his people before the action: This ship must be taken: she appears above our match, but Englishmen are not to mind that, nor will I quit her while this ship can swim, or I have a soul left alive."       See Michael Phillips' site: here. Or here.

Swaine's canvas of the Monmouth's defeat of the Foudroyant is a milestone in English naval action painting. It derives its style exclusively from Monamy, especially in its wonderfully dramatic treatment of the perspective of the action, and resembles the works of van de Velde not at all. It is also a great advance on Monamy's pioneering manner. Its composition is, until someone proves me wrong, entirely original in its disposition of the ships in combat, and it succeeds magnificently in its purpose. See also here for Francis Swaine.


born 1719 ?
born 1725 of course
married 1749
died 1782

Francis SWAIN - M Chr: 22 Jun 1719 St.Botolph without Aldgate, London
Francis SWAINE - M Chr: 7 Oct 1725 Stepney, Saint Dunstan, London ?
Anna Maria SWAINE - F Chr: 27 Jan 1750 Stepney, Saint Dunstan, London
Monamy SWAINE - M Chr: 27 Feb 1754 Stepney, Saint Dunstan, London

St Dunstan's 1755; B.Cole sculp

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