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51½ x 70. Said to be signed by Monamy and dated 1735. I wonder where.
Monamy authorship undoubted. Remarkably unlike anything painted by van de Velde.

before and after 1755
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The City of Lisbon as before the dreadful Earthquake of November 1, 1755

The above prints show Lisbon as it was before the 1755 earthquake, but these prints were produced afterwards, in various publications.

Publish'd according to Act of Parliament April ye10. 1751
A General View of the CITY of LISBONE the Capital of the Kingdom of Portugal
    I     Vue Generale de LISBONE, VILLE Capitale du Royaume de Portugale

Print angled differently from the Monamy painting, published shortly before the earthquake.

Evidently produced for the French market, after the earthquake. Copied from the 1751 print.

The earthquake struck on 1st November 1755. Lisbon held between 250,000-275,000 people, of whom an estimated 60,000 died in the collapse of buildings, the tidal wave and the fires that started in the shattered city. Perhaps someone can identify the buildings along the waterfront that ceased to exist four years after the print published in 1751, and perhaps about 20 after Monamy's painting.

Left, an unusually large panoramic print view of Lisbon, pre-earthquake, whereabouts now unknown. This was photographed several years ago in the house of a friend of mine, who has since died. The fate of this print is unknown.

A pre-Monamy print view of Lisbon. From The Slave Trade, by Hugh Thomas. Date not recorded. C17th.

Munster: source unknown

The print at left, above, appears to derive directly from the much larger image below. The print to the right is yet another differently coloured and framed example of the post-1755 prints mounted earlier..


Destruction of Lisbon 1755

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Monamy Monochrome

Monamy Monochrome Close-up

Monamy Monochrome Close-up