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A section of Monamy's panorama. The Castle and the Palace
Below, the same features inserted from an inscribed, undated drawing; authorship unknown.

a further look

This print is dated 1756 and apparently attributed to Clement Lempriere, who died in 1746.
The view of Lisbon is from the same angle and extremely similar to Monamy's painting:
the difference is that the city is depicted not at birds-eye, but at sea level.

The two depictions of the Castle and the Palace compared.

Published 1751, left; and after 1755, right.

The City of Lisbon as before the dreadful Earthquake of November 1, 1755

The above two prints show Lisbon as it was before the 1755 earthquake, but these prints were produced afterwards, in various publications.

Origin unknown. C17th.

Munster: source unknown
The print above appears to derive directly from the larger image below.


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Monamy Monochrome Close-up