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line print, 1757, thomas major

Michael Robinson has a note on Thomas Major, somewhere among his thousand pages, which I will quote when I can find it.

Published 12th April 1796 by Laurie & Whittle   - -  

The left edge of the detail shown, including Monamy's name, has been sliced off. This print is mentioned by David Joel in Charles Brooking, p.176, no.614. With Monamy, and presumably also the owner of the painting, Mr Bradford, as well as the engraver, R.B.Godfrey, all dead by 1796, Messrs Laurie & Whittle felt no qualms about substituting Brooking for Monamy. The date of publication is 12th April, 1796: the sale of the marine collection of the Earl of Bute had taken place on March 19th, and it established that Brooking fetched higher prices than Monamy, and that Bute had owned 7 Brookings but only 6 Monamys.

The name of the engraver was altered to B.B.Godfrey. The dates of H.Bryer's enterprise at no.12 Stephen Street, Tottenham Court Road, are not known, but he may have acquired the plate from R.B.Godfrey himself, as I believe I have seen an earlier example of this engraving, which had a slightly different inscription. The full Bryer print is shown below.  

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