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One of Monamy's last paintings includes a lighthouse which he had certainly never seen.

He was anticipating Alfred Wallis, 1855-1942
Alfred liked lighthouses.

A Commodore's Ship close haul'd in a Fresh Gale, passing the Eddystone Light House

An Eddystone Reading List

Ballantyne, R.M.   -   The Story of the Rock (nd. ed c 1910)
Barnes, Alison   -   Henry Winstanley: Artist, Inventor and Lighthouse-builder: 1644-1703 (2003)
Brock, Paul   -   Winstanley of Eddystone (The Compass, March/April 1969)
Hart-Davis & Troscianko   -   Henry Winstanley & the Eddystone Lighthouse (2002)
Ingelow, Jean   -   Winstanley: in A Story of Doom and other Poems (1867)
Marshall, Emma   -   The First Light on the Eddystone (1894)
Murrell, Shirley   -   Perilous Rock (1948)
Henry, F.D.C.   -   John Smeaton FRS --- Engineer (Leeds University Review Dec 1953)
Majdalany, Fred   -   The Red Rocks of Eddystone (1959)
Palmer, Mike   -   Eddystone: The finger of light (1998/2005)
Sanderson, Robert   -   The Four Eddystone Lighthouses
Wood, W.H.   -   The House in the Sea (1952)

These publications range from the highly authoritative (Alison Barnes; Mike Palmer), through fictionalized accounts (Ingelow, Marshall, Murrell, Wood), to the smugly supercilious, silly and dismally uninformed (name withheld). Even the worst researched and sloppiest work, however, may contain some interest.

Henry Winstanley, left, as a young man: self-portrait.

R.M.Ballantyne's verdict on Henry Winstanley: "It must be said to the credit of this bold man, that after facing and overcoming, during six years, difficulties and dangers which up to that time had not been heard of, he finished his lighthouse, proved thereby the possibility of that which had been previously deemed impossible, and gave to mankind a noble example of enterprise, daring, and perseverance."

It ought to be recognized by all that Winstanley had played the man, and lit a lasting candle. Unfortunately, Ballantyne oddly transposes Winstanley's 1697 kidnapping to Rudyerd.

Lithograph of Smeaton's tower published 1869; by Edmund Evans after J.M.W.Turner.

winstanley's lighthouse 1: M1
winstanley's lighthouse 1: M3
winstanley's lighthouse 2
rudyerd's lighthouse: M2
smeaton's lighthouse
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Perhaps intended for Smeaton's tower. Undated engraving 3 x 5½.

A Lighthouse Medley



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