Monamy 3. 24¼ x 54;. Yale Center for British Art.

I associate the manner of this painting with other pictures dating to around the mid-1720s, and the Kent frame, although conceivably added later --- which is very unlikely --- would be of about the same period. Below is a section detail, in the best colour available at present. As often, from about 1725 onwards, the emphasis is on the effect of the low sun.


Below are details from M1 and M3. This page looks at the differences in the portrayal of the lighthouse and rock in these two paintings. At present my impression is that these pictures were painted very roughly 15 years apart, but this perception may change on longer reflection.

Monamy 1: painted circa 1710-1712? A working assumption.

Monamy 3: painted circa 1725-1726? A working assumption.

In spite of the fact that Monamy is portraying the same lighthouse, ie Winstanley's first construction, a comparison of the tower details of the two paintings, above, impresses the viewer with the increased solidity of the later version, right. This, I would suggest, is a consequence of the passage of a significant time period, in my view about 15 years, between the two paintings.

In all respects Monamy has followed the engraving after Jaaziell Johnston, left, much more closely than in the earlier painting. The shadowy doorway has been erased. The background composition has been reversed, and is drawn in somewhat more accurate perspective. The direction of the gentle wind has shifted, as shown by the anachronistically retained flag. The rock is depicted as in all subsequent pictures of the lighthouse.

At the same time, Monamy seems still to be influenced by the sketch. It is reasonable to assume that this had remained in his possession, or that he had taken a tracing of it, and that the earlier oil painting was no longer easily accessible to him; or that he had deliberately decided to reduce the slender fragility of the tower's appearance.

Signed and dated 1726.
Certain similarities suggest that M3 was painted at about the same time.

winstanley's lighthouse 1: M1
winstanley's lighthouse 1: M3
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