Captain Clement Lempriere

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7 x 10      C.Lempriere delin       W.H.Toms sculpt
Sold by John Boydell engraver in Cheapside

Undated, but it may have appeared not long after about 1754, which is the year Boydell made the transition from engraver to entrepreneur. An increasing number of variations on the theme of the dismasted ship have come to light: they are now addressed here.

According to Balleine's Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, Clement Lempriere, 1683-1746, published nine seascapes with warships, engraved by W.H.Toms, in 1738. If this undated print is one of these nine, it casts doubt on my conjectural date of about 1754. Boydell almost certainly re-issued the print, however, inserting his own name instead of that of Toms. It may not be one of the nine mentioned, and there are in any case other engravings after Lempriere posthumously dated 1750-1756.

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Boydell's dates are 1719-1804. According to the DNB he was apprenticed as an engraver to W.H.Toms in 1740 or 1741. After six years he purchased the remainder of his apprenticeship, and became a dealer some time after 1751, following the success he had with a volume of views of England and Wales. In 1790 he was elected Lord Mayor of London. Lempriere, the 'delineator' of Toms' engraving, should not be confused with Lerpinière, a French engraver mentioned in the DNB article. Toms is said to have been active 1723-1758, died 1765. Perhaps Boydell acquired his plates.

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Fort, Harbour & Town of St Aubin, Jersey; 1731.

Appears to be another of the set first published in 1738

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