Bowles Catalogue dated 1753

In 1753 Peter Monamy was evidently still celebrated. Horace Walpole had not yet exerted his full powers of persuasion, or launched his anecdotes on the waiting world, avid for aesthetic guidance and instruction.

By 1841 the Rev Irvin Eller, in his History of Belvoir Castle, was under the Walpole cosh. In spite of being impressed by Monamy's painting, the Jersey birth, the humble apprenticeship with the Painter-Stainer's Master, and the shallow waves outside his window, roll on.

Irvin Eller 1841

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Bowles also lists The East-India's company settlements, after the paintings engraved by Kirkall. The originals are by Lambert and Scott, but neither artist is mentioned by Bowles. Were they insufficently celebrated in 1753, or was there some other cagy reason ?


Five moods of the sea. Five times of the day, and night.
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The Great Storm mezzotint based on the Tate Gallery painting.

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