Wenzel Hollar 1607-1677
The Algerines 1669

The three versions of the Younger van de Velde's painting of the Mary Rose action are described in detail by M.S.Robinson, The Paintings of the Willem van de Veldes, 1990, pp. 158-161. The version shown above must be the earliest, and has been part of the Royal collection at least since 1687. It is currently (2013) on display at Hampton Court. See here: lower left of four.

Scan from The Mariner's Mirror, Vol 12, 1926, facing p.99

The exceptionally close copy above is initialled on its reverse AvD, for Adrian van Diest.
This version was first illustrated as shown below. It was then exhibited by the Leger Galleries, London, May 3-27, 1972.

Scan from The Mariner's Mirror, Vol 12, 1926, facing p.98. The direct attribution to van de Velde is questionable.

Scan from Old Master Exhibition, Leger Galleries, 13 Old Bond Street, London W1X 3DB, May 3-27, 1972.

In The Paintings of the Willem van de Veldes, Michael Robinson, on page 160, remarks that "There is no literary evidence of Adriaan van Diest having worked in Van de Velde's studio, but ... it seems likely that he was working in the Van de Velde studio for a time before 1692." The fact, however, that there are a couple of copies of van de Velde paintings by Adriaen van Diest is no evidence whatsoever that he ever "worked in their studio", nor is there anything in the rest of his known oeuvre to suggest any such employment.

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