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Who was Frederic Hervey, Esq ?
and who were the Others ?


I have been unable to locate or identify this Frederic Hervey, and Lord knows who the Others might have been. However, I think it may be instructive to compare these two following passages published 39 years apart, in 1740 and 1779. Could they not be by the same author ? Or was one merely copying the other ? Note: date of publication is not the same as date of composition. Though Taxation no Tyranny appeared in 1776

In 1740 Samuel Johnson wrote for The Gentleman's Magazine "The Life of Admiral Blake" (p 301);
and the first parts of those of "Sir Francis Drake" (p 389) etc.

Selected passages from The Gentleman's Magazine, 1740; and Hervey's Naval History, 1779

Are these two accounts not both written by Dr.Samuel Johnson ? Perhaps this is a well-known fact; but perhaps it is not. One thing is certain: this Frederic Hervey, Esq., is not Frederick Augustus Hervey, 4th Earl of Bristol , 1730 -- 1803.

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The London Gazetteer, 9th February 1749

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