Inscribed Monamy Pinxt. See Sayer prints: here.

Odyssey of an Image

no name inscribed: appears to be same plate as above, with monamy's name removed

See James Taylor: Charles Brooking, Joel & Taylor, page 86. This print may be in reverse, and hand-coloured.

See Joel, Charles Brooking, painting 105, p.137

See Robinson, Vol I, p. 474. A very uncharacteristic van de Velde, 1657.

"Hazy Weather" also appears as the title of a small print published by Sayer & Bennett, 1775, after Swaine. See catalogue item 8, set 28, Shipping, here.

Prints are a helpful guide to the authenticity of Monamy's works, but the subject is fraught with problems. Prints after Monamy began to appear in the early 1730s or late 1720s, and continued throughout the eighteenth century. The same plates were used repeatedly, at least until about 1795, when Laurie & Whittle appear to have taken over a great number of them from other dealers. Some plates were also acquired during this period by other engravers, who retouched them, and even substituted new names for both the original artist and engraver. Others were closely copied and printed in reverse. More than one set of engravings was also re-engraved and re-issued in smaller sizes.

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