André Monamy
Civil War Parliamentarian: 1644

Petition of the Island of Guernsey, with Propositions for reducing the Castle there, and also the Island of Jersey, to the Obedience of the Parliament

"To the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons in the High Court of Parliament of England assembled

"The humble Petition of the Lieutenant Governor, Commissioners, and Commonalty, of the Island of Guernesey


"That (as well out of our continued zealous affection which we bear unto this Honourable Assembly as also from the earnest Desire we entertain to reduce the Disturbers of this Island, as also that of Jersey, to their Obedience to the Crown and Kingdom of England) we in all Humility crave Leave to represent to this Honourable Assembly a probable means for the speedy effecting thereof; which for that it may be the more conspicuous, may it please this Honourable Assembly to be informed, That in this Island of Guernesey remaineth a strong Castle, under the Command of Sir Peter Osborne, who hath and still doth detain the same in Opposition to this Honourable Assembly molesting and disturbing the Peace of this Island, tending to the utter Ruin of the Inhabitants, had not the Providence of God (manifested in some timely Relief sent them by this everfamous Assembly) preserved it from so imminent Danger.

"Now, forasmuch as the adjacent Isle of Jeresey is in actual Rebellion against this Honourable Assembly and the Crown of England, and abetted unto, and guided therein, by one Colonel George Carterett (the pretended Governor thereof), who by swift Shallops (notwithstanding all careful Endeavours both in our Forts by Land and Ships by Sea hath, and still will without speedy Prevention relieve the aforesaid Castle with all necessary Provisions, and increase to so great Strength as may not be resisted; and for that we humbly conceive that One Thousand Men (with the Blessing of God) may with Facility reduce as well the said Island, as also the pretended Governor thereof to their due Obedience, which will necessarily induce a firm Peace to this Island, and enable the Inhabitants thereof to a great Capacity of doing Service to this Honourable Assembly:

"And lastly, for that the Wealth which will be seized by reducing the said Island is far more than all the Charge which such Reducement may Occasion, and, being reduced, the Inhabitants are sufficiently able to maintain with their own Costs competent Garrisons for their Preservation in Obedience;

"Most humbly therefore we beseach this Honourable Assembly to take the Premises into your serious Consideration and so to conclude of the same, as may tend to the Honour of this Assembly, the firm Peace of this Island, and the speedy reducement of that of Jersey to their due Obedience, which shall engage us and our Prayers to the Almighty for the prosperous Success of your Honourable Consultations.

"Andrew [André] Monamy. Hen. Delamarch [De la Marche]. J. Hamland [Havilland ?]. Peter Carey. Tho. Dobrey [Dobrée]. Rob't Russell. Eleaze [Eleazer] Le Marchant."

Upon reading the Petition of the Lieutenant Governor, Commissioners, and the Commonalty of the Island of Guernesey; containing some Propositions concerning the better reducing of the Isle of Jersey to their due Obedience: It is ORDERED to the House of Commons with their Lordships Sense,


"One right that Guernsey no longer enjoys is the Privilege of Neutrality. It was surrendered in 1689, when islanders turned enthusiastically to licensed plundering of enemy shipping, known as privateering. Such was Guernsey's success in this new industry that, in 1800 alone, Guernsey ships seized French and American vessels and cargoes to a current value of £100m. Their assistance to the Royal Navy was so substantial that Westminster declared that Guernsey was almost entitled to be called 'one of the great naval powers of the world'."

See Guernsey Celebrations 1204-2004: here:


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