Castle Cornett: St Peter Port

Detail from sketch, below, by Thomas Phillips, 1635?-1691; from Masters of the Sea, by Quarm & Wilcox, p.13

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An entry for Thomas Phillips, cartographer and military engineer, in Guernsey People, p.173, by L.James Marr, relates that he "was in the Channel Isles during 1679 and 1680 engaged in making maps and plans of the bays and landing places .... He died on 23 November 1693, from the after-effects of a terrible explosion, on board H.M.S. Norwich anchored in Guernsey roadstead." His "cartographical work was praised by Lord Macaulay for being 'so exact the houses may be counted'." More of a follower of Hollar than van de Velde, would you believe.

A notable cartographer and artist born in the Channel Islands was the Jerseyman Clement Lempriere, for whom Balleine, in A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey gives a good account. He was an exact contemporary of Monamy, with dates of 1683-1746. W.H.Toms engraved nine seascapes with warships after his drawings; and in 1739 a series of Views of Lisbon by him were engraved by Fourdrinier. One or more of these may conceivably have been the basis of Monamy's panorama of Lisbon, which is said to be dated 1735.

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I must check whether the tower was blown up or demolished: before 1680, anyway.


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