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Gravesend, "the last town of the River of Thams," where all London vessels departed for all parts of the globe. Gravesend was "a right name as every body of Sailors knows," it being where "many Never return again." Quoted from Ramblin' Jack: The Journal of Captain John Cremer, (edition 1936), by Marcus Rediker, in Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, 1987, p.31

Map 1946

Auctioned as one of a pair. Christie's 18 October 1990. King Street, St James's.
Couldn't look less like Swaine, or more like Sailmaker, if it tried.

two slightly varied views of gravesend in the county of kent: vessels with different sterns

In Early Sea Painters, 1995, F.B.Cockett quotes George Vertue, p.22:

This little man employed himself always in painting views, small and great, many sea-ports and ships about England ..... He was a constant labourer ..... tho' not very excellent. His contemporaries the Van de Veldes were too mighty for him ..... but he outlived them and painted to his last.

Vertue's text can be seen here.

Sailmaker's best works are remarkably excellent; though this is not apparent to museum curators, who don't really know how to look at paintings. Instead, they commonly just repeat what someone else has said.

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