first published 1930: thus before the rise of Hitler

Walsh is a highly entertaining read, but I wouldn't call him non-partisan.

Scanned excerpt:

"A good mother" is rich.


Surprising to read that Luther said that, but it can be found in the Jewish Encyclopedia. Here it is: "Our fools, the popes, bishops, sophists, and monks, these coarse blockheads ["die großen Eselsköpfe"], dealt with the Jews in such a manner that any Christian would have preferred to be a Jew. Indeed, had I been a Jew and had I seen such idiots and dunderheads [Tölpel und Knebel] expound Christianity, I should rather have become a hog than a Christian". Was he joking ? By "hog" was he referring to the "Marranos" ?

Another question: Was Carvajal a Portuguese Ambassador ? Wiki merely says: "Carvajal used to attend mass at the Spanish Ambassador's chapel", in London.

Croyez ceux qui cherchent la vérité, doutez de ceux qui la trouvent. André Gide