The Origins of the Inquisition
by Benzion Netanyahu

Introduction p. xviii

" studies of the Marranos according to contemporaneous Hebrew sources f rom the late 14th to the early 16th century. ..... What was common to these sources was the judgement they pronounced on the Marranos' religious beliefs and conduct. ..... What I gathered from them was that Marrano Christianization had been steadily advancing for three generations (from 1391 on), so that at the beginning of the 1480s, when the Spanish Inquisition was established, virtually all Jewish authorities in Spain and elsewhere regarded the mass of Marranos as renegades --- that is, as apostates or gentiles. By any of these definitions they were Christians, and in no way Judaizers or crypto-Jews."

Scanned excerpt:

The above inscription comes from the 1966 edition of Netanyahu's earlier book, The Marranos of Spain.
With many thanks to the translator of this inscription.