Peter Monamy was the first important British marine painter
his 'Ships in Distress' anticipates Turner's stormy sensibility

The Tate Gallery, 1979. True.

Monamy was born in Jersey, but settled at an early age in London,
where he was apprenticed to a sign- and house-painter on London Bridge.
There, as a contemporary wrote,
"The shallow waves that rolled under his window taught him what his master could not ...
and fitted him to imitate the turbulence of the sea."
Here Monamy produces a highly theatrical version of the theme of the storm-tossed ship.

The Tate Gallery; revised comment, 2003. False.

Sea Scenes from Films
Storms & Sunsets

Some theatrical photography

What do C18th sailing ships at sea actually look like?
Don't ask Samuel Scott --- he wouldn't know.


Above and left: film clips

a monamy: click on picture

Below and left: film clips

on basis of alleged subject dated to about 1727

If this picture can be dated to some time soon after 1727, it may well be one of the earlier of Monamy's paintings to essay the wilder type of scene. See discussion here.

Sea Scenes from Films
Sunsets & Storms

Above and right: stills from a film of an actual 18th century ship replica, sailing into an actual sunset at sea.

Above and below: stills from a film of an actual 18th century ship replica, burning at night, offshore.

Below: a couple of Monamy's many burning ships

Scott had never seen a sunrise or sunset out at sea.

a film clip

See also here.

the burning ship
the bowsprit angle
nottingham v mars
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