A Picture Manufactory?
A Painting School?

Left, varied images of shipping, bound together into a booklet. Whatever its ostensible aim, it might well have served as a practical pattern book for marine painters. Similar pages, from the same book, below.

Whereas for a long time I'd assumed that this booklet had been produced after Monamy's death, it has now become clear, thanks to the National Maritime Museum's website, that these prints were produced by George Bickham the Younger in 1732. Because at least one of its images is replicated from one of the Kirkall mezzotints after Monamy, the strong suspicion must be that Bickham was simply pirating earlier prints by both Monamy and Baston, and possibly others.

The two ship images to the right are identical. Only the backgrounds differ. Of course, it is possible that both pictures derive from a common source, perhaps a van de Velde drawing, or painting, although this now seems very unlikely. The image from the booklet, to the far right, has been reversed.

  mezzotint - booklet  

The pictures from the booklet at the top of this page may seem familiar to anyone who knows this site. Reverse replications from Thomas Baston's unimportant print.

Click picture tile outlined in green below for full image.

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5: identical5a: baston6a: baston6: identical

By thinking of the Monamy studio, or a later workshop such as Swaine must also have run, as a painting factory with an assembly line, these little pictures can also be envisioned as a kind of sampler of images which the artist, either on his own or with one or two assistants, re-shuffled and combined in different compositions to produce a series of varied finished paintings. Any other drawings or prints could of course also have been used in the same way, and it is clear that Monamy did base many of his canvases on prints and drawings from a very wide variety of different sources. This may be especially true of his calms. For more on prints and drawings related to Monamy's calms, see here.

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